Biz Objek was established in 2008, with the key business focus in the field of Information Management.

Today, building on our strong background and the unique experience of implementing an end-to-end Electronic Document & Records Management System (ERMS) and Digital Archival & Preservation Management System (AMS), Biz Objek is expanding its solutions and services offering to include Big Data Analytics.


Information Management

Document & Records Management

Document and Records Management Software is used to organize, protect, retrieve, acquire, manage and maintain information. The amount of data that organizations have to deal with has grown tremendously over the past decade, making the management of this information more difficult. The solution that we offer has the capability for physical and electronic information designed to help businesses capture, manage, and secure business information in order to meet governance and regulatory compliance obligations.

Digital Archival Management

Preserving today's public records ensures regulatory compliance, and is vital for supporting tomorrow's smarter digital services. Our Digital Archival Management Solution ensures your digital assets will be secure, accessible and readable for years to come - freeing you to focus on what you do best - safeguarding and sharing your valuable digital content, collections and electronic records. Our solution has the unique technology to make it easy to migrate file formats overtime to ensure content remains readable long into the future.

Unique Skills and experience

Our implementation and support team consists of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with records and archival management domain knowledge and hands on experience in implementing Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) implementations, most notable in Arkib Negara Malaysia (ANM). The experience in Arkib Negara has provided us with the experience to implement end-to-end records and archival management systems inline with the government's policies, practices and requirements as well as best practices.


Big Data Analytics


Analytics is the use of data and related business insights developed through applied analytical disciplines (e.g., statistical, contextual, quantitative, predictive, cognitive and other models) to drive fact-based planning, decisions, execution and management. Today, however, most organizations spend more time collecting and organizing data than analyzing it. To capitalize on its potential power, analytics must become a core management competency with the support of analytical tool that are easy to use and yet is flexible enough to expand with the organization's needs.


Today, organizations demand analytics-powered applications that deliver insights and information. Management wants to use Big Data to understand how they can improve their performance. IT leaders and their team want to deliver high-scale, self-service analytics enhanced with interactive reports and visualizations. Users, meanwhile, want to connect with their information and complete important tasks quickly and on any device. Our solution addresses those requirements and provides users with information in context and makes data exploration a part of their day-to-day experience.

Enterprise Search

Enterprise search index data and documents from a variety of sources such as: file systems, intranets, document management systems, e-mail, and database. Our solution allows you to deploy high-powered enterprise apps that search all of your organization's data, no matter where they are, quickly and securely. It scales to billions of documents no matter where they're stored or what file format they're in, so you can improve directional decision-making. In addition to instant, real-time access to all your data, you also need to see that data in context for the most relevant search results. Our solution includes a robust index and query framework that adds metadata at index time and as results. Our solution includes a robust index and query framework that adds metadata at index time and as results are delivered to the user.