information management & governance

The future of content management is the managed dispersal of these technologies. Organizations will look to understand where their content resides and seek to reduce redundancies. Plans and strategies will continue to shift from dwelling on content problems to business problems that happen to involve content.


Unified Archiving

The process of moving data that is no longer actively used to separate storage for long term retention.

Content Management

Content Management Software is used to organize, protect, retrieve, acquire, manage, and maintain information.

The Content Management solution that we offer has the capability to help businesses capture, manage, share and retain business information

Data Privacy

Data Privacy is the process of protecting data from unauthorized access and data corruption throughout its lifecycle.

Securing people and their data was simpler once. But things have moved to a new level of complexity which includes identities, applications, and data

Benefits of Information Management & Governance

Privacy and life-cycle management

Develop privacy and compliance functionality and better display of structured data results for a cross-enterprise view of risk.

User experience

Access your data from any devices through a CM application.

Total cost of ownership

Resulting into a faster performance.


Establish clear benchmarks for most actions, SDK, and integration, with the aim of imporving performance with each release.


Content Manager

Governance-based content management.


Secure data from inception to disposition with privacy and regulatory mandates.


Information archiving is the process of moving data to a separate storage


Secure file access and sharing from any device.


Video Overview for Smart Content Management

Video Overview for Unified Archiving

Video Overview for Data Privacy & Protection

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