information archival

The methodologies of business communications have changed considerably with newer technologies such as mobile apps, social media and video chat. All of these communications, including email, should be properly archived for compliance, monitoring and business intelligence purposes.

Information archiving is necessary to meet your regulatory, compliance, and data storage requirements.

Benefits of Information Archival

Store Management

System storage requirements can be greatly reduced if archiving system is used and improve the server performance

Knowledge Management

Archiving system will preserve important information and can easily be restored if accidentally deleted

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with these regulations can help your organization avoid the risks involved with the use of electronic communication in the workplace.

End-user and IT Productivity

Users that have access to archived content will recover their own missing, deleted, or older email without having to bother IT.



Information archiving is the process of moving data to a separate storage

Digital Safe

Cloud data archiving tool that enables compliance in a secure, private cloud in a more holistic manner.


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