SATU (Simple Access To User) is an in-house developed Web front-end and has customized interface that leverage a robust records management engine, that  acts as a digital repository in our information management framework. It is a lightweight web client that provides a convenient and intuitive means to search your information from anywhere.

SATU can maximize number of user access to perform digital assets search & retrieve — all in a web browser environment.

Some of the features are:

  • Filing (tracking of physical and electronic files)
  • Keeping electronic documents (e.g. emails, word processing, graphics, financial reports, GIS maps, etc.)
  • Scanning of documents (digitization of old documents into electronic files)
  • Repository for any sort of data records (e.g. computer application data records), which would include also unstructured records such as documents and letters to the structured records
  • Integration to back-end government type applications such as GIS, LOB applications, HR applications, etc.
  • Workflow automation of processes within the organization in terms of moving documents, forms, policies to different personnel or departments