1. RapidMiner Studio         

RapidMiner is the most powerful, easy to use and intuitive graphical user interface for the design of analytic processes. Let the Wisdom of Crowds and recommendations from the RapidMiner community guide your way

  • Open and extensible

Hundreds of data loading, data transformation, data modeling, and data visualization methods with access to a comprehensive list of data sources including Excel, Access, Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL, Netezza, Teradata, MySQL, Postgres, SPSS, Salesforce.com, and hundreds more! Easily integrate your own specialized algorithms into RapidMiner by leveraging its powerful and open extension APIs.

  • Modern analytics at every scale - perfect for big data

Join the "in-crowd" using in-memory, in-database, in-stream, in-cloud, and in-Hadoop analytics for every size data source. RapidMiner Studio breaks away from the limitations of traditional data analysis tools and allows you to work with large data sources.

  • Runs on all major platforms and operating systems

RapidMiner Studio runs on every major platform and operating system. With more and more employees bringing their own devices, you need flexibility in how and where your analytics are processed. Do business as you want, on the operating system of your choice.

  • Strong Visualizations

3-D graphs, scatter matrices, self-organizing maps. RapidMiner's advanced engine allows you to turn your data into fully customizable, exportable charts with support for zooming, panning, and rescaling for maximum visual impact.

  • Multiple interfaces

Choose either our fast, intuitive GUI or easy-to-use batch processing to build analytics. Whether you want to work out your analysis step by step or control all the GUI's features at once, RapidMiner lets you handle different models and tasks with ease.

  • Accurate preprocessing

Metadata transformation allows you to forget trial and error! With RapidMiner, you can inspect projected results during design time. Save time by identifying possible errors, and get suggested quick fixes.

  • Complete toolbox

RapidMiner lets you easily sort through and run more than 1500 operations. From data preparation to model building and validation, it includes all the tools you need to make your data work for you. If you need it, RapidMiner has it.

2. RapidMiner Server

RapidMiner Server is an enterprise-grade environment for powerful predictive analytics, designed with central repository & management, dedicated computation power, and broad extensibility to operationalize analytic results. 

  • Collaboration: Explore, model, and deliver fast as a team

The Collaboration tier of the RapidMiner Server makes work easier and faster for a team of data scientists and analysts. It provides a server-based repository for sharing data sources, analytical processes, predictive applications, and best practices. Users across the organization can work together more efficiently while accessing, reusing, and sharing content in a version-controlled, secure, and centrally managed environment.

  • Computation: Get predictions at lighting speed

Don't let the limitations of your laptop slow you down. The RapidMiner Server Computation tier is optimized for performance and lets you run big jobs on enterprise hardware anywhere. With a few clicks you can push jobs to the server and continuously get progress feedback, while freeing up your personal system for other important work. 

  • Deployment: Immediately put analytic results into action

Operationalize predictive analytics into your business via the RapidMiner Server Deployment tier. Easily integrate with cloud, business, and IT systems through an open API, a rich set of connectors, and a unique ability to deploy processes as web services. Set up scheduled processing, continuously score data in real-time, and graphically build interactive predictive and visual web applications to maximize the value of predictive analytics in your business. 

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