OpenTextTM Big Data Analytics, an advanced analytics software appliance, is built for business analysts that need to access, blend, explore, and analyze all their data fast without depending on IT or data experts.

Its columnar database engine instantly loads billions of records into an easy-to-use visual interface that enables users to blend data from disparate sources and apply pre-coded algorithms and analytical techniques to gain insights from massive data sets on the fly.

  • All your data in a single view

Access huge data sets from multiple sources quickly and easily.


  • Analyze billions of records in seconds

Leverage high-performance, real-time Big Data analysis of hundreds of tables, millions of rows, billions of records - at once - for deeper business insights.


  • No complex data modelling

Eliminate the need for data cubes, pre-processing and modeling. Minimize data analysis-related IT workload and dependency on data scientists.


  • Clean and enrich your data

Explore, enrich, segment, manipulate, decode and gain insight from massive data at the speed of thought.


  • Best practices analytical techniques

Pre-built algorithms and predictive analytic techniques ready to use. Discover threats, hidden relationships, patterns, profiles and trends to make fact-based decisions.


  • No coding required

Go from raw data to sophisticated data visualizations in minutes with a few quick clicks.


  • Easy to use visuals

Analyze Big Data quickly and visually with decision trees, association rules, profiling, segmentation, Venn diagrams, and more!


  • User autonomy and self-sufficiency

Empower users without statistical backgrounds to run deep analytics with prepackaged algorithmic functions. Only business knowledge required!


  • Open API:

Enriched Data Repository can be accessed by any BI tool through Open API.


  • Automate with Work Flow

String together multiple steps into one process and schedule it to run on a regular basis


Move from Rear-View to Future Analytics

Organizations often get stuck at descriptive analytics, since most predictive solutions are expensive and require months of training and a team of experts to squeeze value out of data.

With OpenText™ Big Data Analytics, you can:

  • Gain competitive advantage with a true predictive analytics solution
  • Cut costs by using a self-service model that’s built for non-data scientists
  • Make decisions faster with high-performance analysis on billions of records
  • Forecast better, gain causal understanding, identify patterns and automate processes



OpenText Big Data Analytics' FastDB engine is based on Columnar Database technology that runs on a lightweight server. Columnar Database technology enables business analysts to analyze extremely large volumes of data with total flexibility and drag-and-drop ease, providing 1000x faster performance than traditional relational databases (RDB). You can breeze through your analysis, exploring up to 6 billion records in less than a second—performing advanced analytics on a million records in under a minute.


Powered by a web-based, visual ETL, the Big Data Analytics engine reads nearly every data source. The ETL process improves visibility and transparency for technicians and unburdens IT teams from time-consuming data loading, extraction, and transformation. Big Data Analytics minimizes IT effort and speeds time-to-analysis across your organization. You get the most value out of your data, enabling you to reach your business goals in less time.

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