Efficient operations are all about getting it right, delivering the right information to the right person at the right time. That focus on doing it right lets your organization get information from documents into your systems to make fast decisions, at a lower cost and with improved customer outcomes.

Benefits of Data & Document Capture

Handle paper more productively

Alaris software solutions help quickly convert batches of paper documents into actionable information.

Reliable image quality, reliable operation

Automatically enhance images to match your application’s requirements, with features like color dropout, streak removal and noise reduction.

Maximize efficiency with streamlined workflows

Take data from from paper documents and multiple sources and route them to wherever you need them to go.

Scale from desktop to high volume operations

Agile solutions designed to grow with capture needs – from a single department to complex, high volume enterprise requirements

Simple to use, simple to integrate

Send smarter information in multiple file types to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, Microsoft SharePoint, Secure FTP to simply workflow and processes


KODAK Alaris software portfolio

Accurately extracting data from paper documents and routing it to desired location

KODAK Info Input Solution

Gives you the freedom to capture documents through a web browser or mobile device

Dokmee Capture

The ideal document capture software for scanning service bureaus

iRekod Capture

Digitizes existing paper-based documents into a more manageable electronic records format


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